A Few Tips for Planning a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Posted on: 10 August 2015

A helicopter sightseeing tour can give you a bird's eye view of any city or natural attraction, one that you will never appreciate from the ground. In some cases they are the only way to see dangerous natural landmarks, such as volcanoes or steep mountains.

Because a helicopter sightseeing tour is different than taking a bus or train ride through the countryside, you want to ensure you plan ahead and know what to expect. Note a few simple tips for making the most of your tour and ensuring it runs smoothly:

1. Ask the guide for recommendations

You may want to see something in particular when it comes to your helicopter tour, but it's always good to ask the guide for recommendations and note their response. Remember that these ones are in the air all the time and have seen certain sites and attractions from various angles, and have been able to note certain spots that everyone seems to love.

As an example, a small waterfall might not seem very grand when compared to the view of nearby mountains, but a guide may know that the sun can hit it at just the right angle to create an amazing rainbow. Consider them as more than just a pilot and ask for recommendations as to what you might see when in the air.

2. Be careful about taking extra gear

Helicopters have a particular weight limit, so you need to work with the touring company when it comes to bringing luggage, fishing gear, and the like. They may ask to weigh everything, including you, before they load up and take off. If you have extra gear or anything particularly heavy such as over-sized movie cameras that you want to take with you, be sure you discuss this with the tour company beforehand.

3. Plan for the maximum time in the air

To save money, you may want to choose the shortest tour available and assume that just half an hour in the air will be enough to appreciate all the sights that are available to you, but it's good to plan for the maximum time in the air when possible. Once you start to tour and explore the mountains or fly over an active volcano or big city, you may realize that half an hour goes by much more quickly than you realize. Plan for the maximum time you can afford or schedule in the air so you don't feel rushed during your tour.

To learn more, contact a helicopter tours company for more information and help.


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